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Start: 2008

Case story: In connection with my assignments at the Bejing 2008 Summer Olympics I met the man who devoted his life to clean sports and fair play. It was a personal game changer. Reading the book about his fachinating endevours led to my question: – Who is making the film about your story? Nobody, was the answer.


So, it just had to be done. We fixed a team and we produced it during 2009-2012.

The film The War On Doping was broadcasted in 20 countries and awarded gold at the FICTS Milano Film Festival in Bejing 2012. See more.

Creating the sculpture Et Purus

Creating the 80-year gift and global symbol for pure health and clean sport, to honor Professor Ljungqvist's life long crusade for athlete's health and the fundament of sports – fair play.


After following Professor Ljungqvist's foot steps around the world for a some years it was inevitable – I simply had to help develop the most respected brand name for clean sport on the planet – Arne Ljungqvist. His legacy has to be saved and developed for the generations to come. The dangers of doping has to be delt with, within sports and within the public society. 


Establishing the foundation

Initiating the establishment of a independent foundation in Professor Arne Ljungqvist's name in connection with the celebration of his 80th birthday.



Producing the 80 year birthday reception

Producing the 80th birthday reception event at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre with support from the Swedish Sports Confederation.








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Co-producing the symposium

Co-producing the foundation's first symposium: "Doping as a public health issue" held in Stockholm 2012 where "The Big Five" met for the first time on the subject: The International Olympic Committee, World Anti Doping Agency, WHO, INTERPOL and UNESCO. The symposium was held in Stockholm at The Karolinska Institutet.


The sculpture Et Purus created to honor a living legend, coveying a message in line with his mission. See more.

The sculpture and symbol did develop from a gift of honor into a tool for change. By inviting the public society, private sector and world of sports to unite againts doping, sharing the same symbol is a strong statement. Such initiative can only be done by an independent entity and Professor Ljungqvist's reputation and brand is the only player on the planet to hold that position. So there we are: Read More


Creating a movement – Pure For Sure

Creating a new global movement for, by and with the young generations. They are the ones most threatened by the spread of doping substances, but also the ones that can actually "make the change happen". Their participation and their energy has to be canalized in a positive manner in order to build trust for the message. 


The movement is based on online education programs, attitude activities, online participation, sharing social responsibilities and leadership training.


Using the symbolism from the Et Purus sculpture – pointing out the inner body fingerprint, "I am pure for sure" – connects the movement symbol with the conveyed message by the finger-and-ring-sculpture "Et Purus". Read more. Website:


H.R.H. Prince Daniel with speakers attending the Professor Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation's symposium "Doping as a public health issue". Karolinska Institutet 2012-09-22.




Final statement

You're looking at an independent business concept based on creative management within the field of communication. Enriched by highly motivated professionals from anywhere.

Our base camp is the Internet, the ambitions are global and focus is set on universal ideas that do good for humanity and for planet earth.


 We live to make global sense.

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