Omega 42 Carisma, S301


Start: 2000

Case story: The dream-come-true project started the moment I realized that a boat builder was going to start building the classical yacht Omega 42 again. It was introduced in the 1970's, by the legendary yacht designer Peter Norlin.

I convinced the builder to re-think, and forced them to sell me the first one under the condition that I could redesign the interior into a modern and design version of the intended classical dark brown 1970-standardish interior. They agreed eventually...

The interior:

Short text

The new interior in CAD/CAM-modulation by industry designer Björn Dahlström Studio.

The final result by the boat builders: white surfaces and lots of light, no doors (how private is it anyway), a see-through ladder, more "space" and less storage room (how much stuff do you need anyway) and a generous galley for great cooking opportunities.

Press event in Stockholm, May 2001

On a sunny day in May 2001 we arranged a press event at Riddarholmen in central Stockholm. Legendary yacht designer Peter Norlin and other members of the team guided the media and sailed with them in front of the Stockholm City Hall. The team in front of the sculpture "Solbåten" (the sun boat): Boat builders Niklas Lindell and Håkan Benghtsson, Chef of the Year 1999 Karl Ljung, yacht designer Peter Norlin and industry designer Björn Dahlström.

While at it... we created a new logo.

The new sailor exterior caught on film for the media.

Media coverage:

The interior design magazine Sköna Hem covered the story on seven pages.

Swedish daily news papers showed enthusiasm about the re-borned classic and its bold interior design ideas.

Charter sailing during 2001-2003:

Charter sailing with Björn Dahlström Design Studio.

Charter sailing with the advertizing agency TBWA...with a great "after sail" downstairs...

Charter sailing with a private group, celebrating a bachelorette.

Charter sailing with Finanskompetens AB.

Charter sailing in November...with some heavy snowfall as an extra feature....

Bye bye...always a sad moment to leave the guests after a great day aboard.


More sailing...check Profilen S8971

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