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Ongoing & "Link in Bio" projects:

100% Sun Wind Water – sailing for change and Clean Seas

Raising awareness about the need for sustainable lifestyles on water and land by switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources, cleaning the oceans from plastic debris, developing zero waste and toxic free lifestyle alternatives and promoting gender equality and diversity and other values entailed in the Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Check out our website.



Sailing with researchers and citizen scientists

Teaming up as sailor, citizen scientist and communicator for  projects with the ambition to collect, monitor and analyze scientific data from our oceans. Managed by the Norwegian University Of Science and Technology and Hrimfare Expeditions, recruiting volunteers from around the world to participate as citizen scientists – on their own boats or along their shores – and help improve the capacity for scientific communities while increasing the understanding of science for all: sailing4science. 

Project: Ecocide Law 

Initiating a concept for the development of a positive vibe connected to the making of ecocide an international law...

Project: Hospital and hotel startup

Making connections in their sectors easier, faster and kinder...

Project: Kind is the new Cool

Concept making of a brilliant idea where kids are helping kids into a kinder and happier setting and lifestyle...

Professor Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation

Cleaning society and sports from the use of doping substances and supplements. Informing about the risk by raising awareness and developing educational materials. Developing longterm branding and fundraising concepts for the foundation based on its mission for Pure Health and Clean Sports.


Pure For Sure – an online academy and movement

Developing educational material for youth and anyone else in need of insights about the risks and consequences of doping substances and food supplements. How about you? Are you pure for sure?


Non-Violence – communication and education for peace

Not ongoing any longer but summing up 10 years work developing educational structure and writing educational material for the Non-Violence Project Foundation – with a mission to inspire, engage and motivate young people to understand how to solve conflicts peacefully – I am now practicing these insights with new target groups in an effort to implement peaceful, non-violent and kindness based lifestyles for more people.


Warp Institute – spreading good news about the future

Gotta love the Warp Institute – a non-profit organization initiated with the intention to share good news and great examples of solutions for our future. In English and in Swedish. A fountain of hope and positive vibes, reminding us about the global progress we tend to forget to see. Yeay, right down my alley! Proud to be a writer for them and cant wait to share more good news in times to come. Here's the first article in a series about new food alternatives. Article in Swedish. Warp them, share them, support them: Warp


The Beach Party Agenda – a sun, wind and water salute

In 2015, when the Agenda 2030 was signed by 196 Heads of State I decided to help the United Nations by making their new 17 Sustainable Development Goals reach out and into young peoples minds and hearts. I started by re-writing the 17 goals into short tweets instead of the massive 100.000 characters long original  document. Then we used beach parties as a platform for knowledge sharing – lika an out-door, chill version of TedTalk. With short speeches while saluting the eternal energy sources we love – sun, wind and water. We went on tour around the world, our message is still alive and will continue to be so until 2030. IRL and online in various formats. See more on page.
See the original website from 2015.

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