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100% Sun Wind Water

Start: 2018

Case story: 

This is a climate and lifestyle change project based on the UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Agenda 2030 was established in 2015 when signed by the Heads of States from 196 countries. Later that same year the Paris Climate Agreement was signed by the same leaders.


Logos from 2018 and 2020. Click them for more.

Fossil fuel out – Electric in

The switch was made and it felt good already before the new electric pod drive was installed. A climate project and long distance sailing adventure started to grow in mind...

In 2020 and three seasons and 6.000 Nautical Miles later, I can summarise the project to have been a successful one. No accidents, no injuries, great sailing and fabulous experiences with the electric engine via 7 countries, 3 bodies of water and 40 young crew members representing five continents. They all helped me to carry out the messages along our sailing voyage around Scandinavian and East Baltic waters. We have been visiting some 50+ marinas, met hundreds of people on the piers and thousands online.


We have been trawling for micro plastics, lived a zero waste lifestyle, developed a compost garden onboard, sailed raced withh all female racing crew, painted toxic free art on the entire hull and been we cooking great food on solar beams and with other fossil fuel free methods.


The all-female team setting off for the Despite-Corona-Gotland-Runt... More


Testing electric sailing for our electric pod-engine partner Torqeedo.

Read Their blog post. 

Making a change for the generations to come...

The project 100% Sun Wind Water is sprung from a personal insight from 2018: My generation owe it to the next ones to radically change our lifestyles into a more sustainable one now, no matter the cost for us today.

It all started when I was going to get a new engine for the sailboat I bought back from a friend. My two children was more or less born into that particular boat – a 34 foot Smaragd built in 1991. They became sailors as toddlers and will take over her one day. Buying a new fossil fuel engine became an impossible moral choice. An electric drive with batteries was more expensive and would give us less range in distance. But as said, morally impossible to turn down at this point. Knowing that the batteries could be charged by the sun, the wind and sailing speed through water made the decision even a very easy one.

Sailing at its best in 2018...on our way to Christiansø.

Check out more on our project website.

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