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A turning point – time to think.

At a turbulent time in my life, when things really called for some serious thinking, I spent lots of time scribbling down my thoughts while looking over the city horizon above. It eventually turned into a motto. I have been trying to live according to it since then.


But before getting into my motto, I just want to share a story about thinking harder: Four girls from Harvard recently came up with the idea to make a soccer ball that generates and storing energy while rolling. They then put a socket on it and voila... plug in a lamp and it lights up the room where there is no electricity around.


I like girls for many reasons, this kind of generous problem solving is one of them... invented while we men have kept on dominating the sport for centuries. And what did we come up with during all these years? Well, apart from playing, we have enriched the sport with abuse, gambling, violence, racism, and hooliganism.


Guided by a scribble...

Looking out the window and thinking about a new way to live the life I scribbled a lot. What had I learned from life so far and how could I  benefit from that in times to come? Asking myself what my purpose is and what existential "to-do-list" I would like to be reminded about every morning. This is what the scribbles boiled down to: 


Be kind

Kind is the new cool! That is a line from a wonderful project where children around the world inspire each other to be kind. Kindness is an efficient "tool" to use anywhere and with anyone. Even with your enemies. Being kind doesn't at all mean being naive. Kindness can rather be a streetsmart trick on how to win an opponent over on your side. Generosity and kindness always win in the long run.


Think hard 

There is always a better way. We are constantly developing. The word "develop" stands for a never-ending desire to learn more, discover new things, search for new ideas and search for something better. We just have to think harder, we have to try harder. Once we consider ourselves developed or satisfied, the momentum stops. And then what? Become a fat and lazy cat, how uncool is that?

Keep cool 

Patience pays off. It might sound boring but in most walks of life, it is a fact. All great ideas and brands in the world are built on lots of hard work, lots of patience, and a fair share of stubbornness. Keeping cool means to me: Listen more and talk less. Or listen with the intent to understand instead of listening with the intent to reply. You know... absorb, hoover, live with nature instead of against it, wait for that gut feeling to be right, listen to the intuition, and not the least – allow that extra time to digest new impressions before judging or making a decision.


Have fun

This is of course about grabbing chances in life. Always looking for the bright side. I don't know about you, but I am going to collect fun memories with more frenetic effort than anything else. I want to die young as late as possible, being a millionaire in fun memories. I believe new experiences, uncertain adventures, curiosity and an open mind guarantee for better odds for that scheme. I look forward to writing the welcoming speech for my 100-year birthday party on this very theme. Wanna be there? Here is your invitation.


Here's another favourite I love to use as a reminder for a "Have fun lifestyle".  The brilliant quote, book cover and poster by graphic artist Anthony Burrill.

Does all this sound too pretentious? Probably. But the longer I have been sticking to this motto when moving forward, the more sense it makes to me when looking back.


You're welcome to try it, it's for free.

The Motto
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