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Helping others make global sense.

I team up with talents from anywhere and in terms of service, we deliver creative communication, scalable ideas, and strategic brand management. All of it with a strict focus on global perspectives and is based on global, social, human, and environmental sustainability. 


Why? Because we believe that common sense is not good enough any longer. We believe that we have to think harder and do better for more reasons. The upcoming generations being one of them.


The Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement is happening

When our world leaders sat down in New York to sign the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, they were serious about it. They dreamed BIG and they signed a vital to-do list for humanity, covering serious social, human, and environmental issues. That list speaks to all of us as individuals while we are experiencing changes faster than what most of us probably could imagine just a year ago.

All businesses are also included in that list and dream. And their clients as well. Insights of the urgent need for changes will appear sooner or later. New questions will be asked and new demands raised. We better prepare ourselves for them.

Ever heard of Tom's Shoes? Buy a pair and Tom will give a pair for free to someone in need of shoes. Same with blankets and reading glasses. His business idea was created around the simple idea – one for one – and his business has been sky rocketing. We bow for that idea and initiative.

Let us help you reach 2030 faster

We believe that any business, idea, project, or organization with an ambition to survive in 3-5 years, will already now have to prioritize as follows:


1) Make up your mind about your true purpose 
2) Make global sense with it
3) Make money and invest them in number 2

One can look upon this as a problem, or as an infinite number of great opportunities. We believe in the latter and we know that everything can be refined into something better. We just have to think harder, focus on longterm scenarios and implement global sense into the DNA of the idea, the project, the brand or the business.

Worth a try...

The services we offer are still somehow difficult to sell and still somewhat difficult to buy. But quite easy to agree upon when sharing the vision of a better world for our grandkids. A reason enough for me to keep on trying.

Ever heard of a recycle-insurance? We developed the branding strategy and launch campaign for the world's first one. Some 20 years ago. It still makes sense. More.

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