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Sailing to make an impact.

Started sailing at very young years in a dinghy with my father and brother. Then summer sailing adventure with friends and as a junior crew member on various racing projects. In 2000 it became a design project with a classical Omega 42-footer. The following year it turned into a charter sailing business. 

Nowadays I am using electric sailing as a channel for communication on issues connected to the Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Embracing the sun, the wind, and the water as positive symbols for renewable energy and change.


Sailor for hire

I am constantly looking for new sailing assignments – scientific sailing projects, transport sailing, cruising with guests, helping out on any crew position, or signing up for the role as a skipper. Please find my formal merits, resume, and Sailing-CV below:

Formal Merits:

Skipper: Yacht Master, Coastal
Mileage: 32.000 NM (27.500 coastal and 4500 ocean)

Safety: World Sailing Offshore Safety 
Communication: VHF Radio Operator

Military: Royal Swedish Navy, Sergeant


Looking for sailing assignments on boats in any size from 40 feet and up – single or multihull. Been sailing all my life. From dinghies to large cruisers. Racing and cruising. Collected 30.000 NM (coastal 25.000 and ocean 4500). Raised to navigate with charts and a compass but appreciate any plotter. Managed my own sailing charter business. Sailed 7.500+ nm around Scandinavia as skipper and founder of a climate statement project (100% SunWindWater) with young crew members. Can handle wild sails, repair things, and have been around in lots of harsh weather, including snow storms. Can cook a great and healthy meal in any wind speed or direction. Like the role to serve others. Conscious eater and sustainable lifestyle transformer. Non-smoker.  

CV: Projects, racing, charter and delivery

2022 – Sweden-Denmark-Norway | Coastal 1150 NM (June-September 2022)

Fifth year sailing for change with the 100% SunWindWater-project to raise awareness about six defined sustainable lifestyle missions, in line with the United Nation's Agenda 2030 and UNEP's campaign "Clean Seas". Closing the the project by returning to Oslo, where we started back in 2018.

Project website and blog

2021 – Sweden | Coastal 320 NM

Sailing for change with the 100% SunWindWater-project. Unfortunately Covid caught us onboard... so we had to cancel the planned long voyage before leaving Sweden for Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Project website and blog

2020 – Sweden-Denmark | Coastal 2580 NM

Sailing for change with young crew members to raise awareness about six defined sustainable lifestyle missions, in line with the United Nation's Agenda 2030 and UNEP's campaign "Clean Seas".

Project website and blog

2019 – Marseille–Lanzarote | Ocean 1400 NM

Back on Oxen, transport sailing the 47 foot catamaran for delivery to Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote.

2019 – Sweden, Stockholm | Coastal 1150 NM

Sailing Stockholm archipelago with guests under the project 100% Sun Wind Water.

2019 – Hankø, Norway | Coastal 16 NM

Sail racing a Nauthor's Swan 48. Tactics, trim, second helmsman.

2018 – 100% Sun Wind Water | Coastal/Ocean 2560 NM

Produced and sailed around Scandinavia to make a climate statement for a fossil fuel free life at sea. Installed an electric drive in my 34 foot Smaragd. Sailed 2560 NM via 7 countries during 3 months with 20 young crew members, representing 5 continents to promote 1 global message: "We're all in the same boat, please change your lifestyle into a more sustainable one. Now. Thank you."

2016 – France to Turkey | Ocean 1400 NM

Delivery sailing a catamaran Catana 47ft non-stop from Canet en Rousillion in France to Gocek in Turkey. Sailing speeds of 5-18 knots with spinnacker. Offshore.

Check video greeting.

2016 – Sweden-Norway, Bohus Race | Coastal 100 NM

Sail racing "short handed" in a 34ft Smaragd from Uddevalla (Sweden) to Norway and back to Smögen (Sweden). Winds up to 45 knots made 140 out of 180 boats quit before the finish line. We had to quit as well at wind speeds of 35-40 knots...

2015 – Stockholm | Coastal 15 NM

Invited as guest crew member for a one day sail racing in Stockholm on fabulous S/Y Refanut – a Sparkman & Stephens 63 foot yacht from 1955. Photo:

More about Refanut.

2013 – Sweden | Coastal/Ocean 300 NM

Delivery sailing a X-412 non-stop from Västervik (East Coast) to Helsingborg (West coast) via Christians Ø (Denmark). 

More about X-Yachts.

2010 – Denmark-Sweden | Coastal/Ocean 400 NM

Delivery sailing a X-412 non-stop from Haderslev (Denmark) to Västervik (Sweden) via Christians Ø (Denmark). 

More about X-Yachts.

2003-2001 – Sweden | Coastal 500 NM

Skipper at chartering business with my Omega 42 for groups up to 6 people. Day trips and stay over trips (hotels) in Stockholm archipelago. Coastal.

More about Bertoft Charter.

2003 – Croatia | Coastal 70 NM

Skipper on charter sailing trip in Croatia with six crew/guests aboard in a fleet of four 45 footers. 5 days. Arranged by Swedish IT company Knowit (Publ).

2002 – Sweden | Coastal 100 NM

Founder and producer of the "Cooking Aboard" project with the Swedish Chefs Association. Sailing in Stockholm archipelago and Åland, inspiring the audiences at various marinas how to fix simple'n tasty cooking aboard.

Check video.

2001 – Sweden-Norway | Coastal 1600 NM

Sailing my Omega 42 from Stockholm to Oslo (Norway) via Christiansø (Denmark) and back to Stockholm. For participation at floating boat exhibitions (Orust and Saltsjöbaden in Sweden) and for pleasure with kids, family and friends. 

More about Omega 42.

1984-1981 – Sweden-Finland, Spain | Coastal/Ocean 2000 NM

Junior Crew Member in the 3/4 ton racing project Profilen. The world's first yacht built by extruded aluminium profiles. Racing (crew) and transport sailing (skipper) in Sweden, Finland-Sweden and in Spain (World Championship in Helsinki and Denia). 
More about Profilen.

CV: Cruising, windsurfing and youth racing

2014 – Norway-Sweden | Coastal 170 NM

Sailing a Smaragd 34ft from Fredrikstad (Norway) to Marstrand (Sweden) and back to Fredrikstad. Coastal sailing with my son.

More about Smaragd.

2013 – Norway-Sweden | Coastal 100 NM

Sailing a Smaragd 34ft from Fredrikstad (Norway) to Smögen (Sweden) and back to Fredrikstad. Coastal sailing with my daughter.

More about Smaragd.

2010 – Sweden | Windsurfing Retro Voyage

Windsurfing journey for a week in Stockholm archipelago with my board from the 80-ies and a tent etc. First ever windsurfer to reach Svenska Högarna (Sweden's most eastern island/light house, 40 nm from Stockholm). More (In Swedish).

2003-2001 – Sweden | Coastal 2000 NM

Sailing Omega 42 in Stockholm archipelago with kids, family and friends, including trips to Gotland, Öland and Åland.

More about Omega 42.

More about the archipelago.

2001-1991 – Sweden  | Coastal 10000 NM

Sailing Smaragd 34ft for pleasure with kids, family and friends in Stockholm archipelago including Gotland, Öland and Åland.

More about Smaragd.

More about the archipelago.

1991-1975 – Sweden | Coastal 3000 NM

Sail racing in various teams and sailing for pleasure in Stockholm and Gotheburg archipelago with a 1/2 ton (Akka), Albin Accent, Scampi, J17, IF, Laurin 28, Albin Express, Maxi 95, Forgus 28, Comfort 32, Omega 34 and other single hull sailors

1983-1970 – Sweden | Coastal 400 NM

Sail racing in various dinghies (Optimist, Flipper and Laser), windsurfing (Tornado 39) and participation at various sailing camps and local youth sailing competitions and events.

1965-1970 – Sweden

Dad built his own sailboat when he was young and then introduced sailing to me and my brother as soon as he could. The first boat I remember was Avonet, a tiny boat made in 100% styrofoam...light weight and easy to lift up on top of the car as well as unsinkable...

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