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On a mission to walk the talk.

Some ten years ago I made a life decision: I shall work only with ideas, projects, brands, or movements carrying a sincere ambition to correct any of the mishaps that we – the humans – have created on planet Earth. Helping these ideas become successful is my way to make the world a better place.


May it be to develop education, peace, health, fair play, gender equality, cultural bridges, or environmentally sustainable solutions. The fields may vary, but the perspective has to be global and the purpose has to be a good one – meaning somehow related to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Or coping with any of the global megatrends, or consequences that we all are affected by whether we like it or not.


Too much to grasp? I re-wrote them for you – into short tweets: Read now.

I also cemented a personal motto back then. Decided to try to think harder and focus on positive perspectives, good news, opportunities, hope, and great examples. Also to share and promote successful ideas invented by others and build trust based on generosity. It sounds cheezy, I know. But have learned that it opens up doors into exciting scenarios all the time. 

Scaling down on stuff, scaling up on the action.

I have lived my fair share of life in the developed world, collecting stuff and experiences. I am spending the rest of it scaling down to the needs of a nomad, in order to get more things done. The less-is-more lifestyle generates independence, space, and time. It allows me to move around and work harder with people, businesses, and projects that make global sense first of all, and money as a necessary number two – an order of priorities I believe will be the lifeline for all businesses sooner than any of us would think.


Talking about hope...Ripple of Hope Elementary School in Jinja, Uganda did not exist in 2017. We visited them in 2018 when it just had opened up the classrooms. In 2019 we visited them again and it was packed with eager students. Now they need room for more. Join our efforts to help Eddy and Eva Balina and their team to expand. Every kid in school is a sign of hope. Read more here...

Crossing borders, learning more.

In 2003 I grabbed a chance to work for the iconic pop singer Wei Wei in China. It turned into a role as an international manager with a global brand assignment in the field of music. I was given the opportunity to experience another corner of the world. I dived into an ocean full of challenges and cultural differences. I learned that my western views on the world were narrow-minded. I smashed into insights and experiences I simply couldn't have met elsewhere. For that, I am deeply grateful. 


The world of today keeps me motivated.

Still learning and I still have the fortunate opportunity to travel the world. My days offer endless challenges while crossing borders, cultural nuances, time zones and bureaucratic formats. I constantly see things that keep me motivated to allocate my efforts to matters that make sense on a global scale. And to embrace signs of hope for the generations growing up.


I simply can't quit. 

The Mission
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