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Ongoing projects (Link-in-bio):


We're walking Marathon races to raise funds so more kids can get access to basic education. The first race, in Stockholm, was completed on June 3rd. I walked the 42 km within the required timeframe and passed the Finish line as one of the absolute last ones. We reached 7.500 SEK on that day and our goal is to collect 25.000 SEK – the fundraiser is still open. All funds are dedicated for a school project in Jinja, Uganda. More about the school and the kids (some of them in the pict above:-) on the fundraiser page.

2023 | Ecocide Law Alliance – The Law For Nature

We're creating a positive vibe platform and a community for conscious people and companies around the world that says yes to the establishment of a global ecocide law. An international law to protect nature. Listed under the International Criminal Court who rules over the international laws for genocide, war crimes, crimes on humanity, and crime of aggression. Check out our website.

2011-2024 | For Pure Health and Clean Sports

Honoring the 50 years of intense efforts by, and the legacy of, Professor Arne Ljungqvist with a bronze monument – Et Purus. He celebrates 92 this year and is still active in his own foundation. He's named Doping's Nemesis and considered the world's foremost anti-doping crusader – cleaning up doping within sports since the 1970... and now cleaning up doping in the society. The first monument was unveiled in Monaco harbor by H.M Prince Albert of Monaco in 2021, and the next one is coming up for Stockholm in 2024... More

2022-2030 | Sailing For Science – UN Ocean Decade 2030

Endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade and UNEPs Clean Seas. A co-creation sailing for science circumnavigation project. Under the motto: Sailors united to surface deep ocean realities. Together with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden (GU) and Trondheim, Norway (NTNU).  More

2023-2300 | Happy Hearts – kids helping kids find their happiness

Kids are born kind by natureSomehow our society teaches them away from that natural superpower – kindness. This project is based on a global ongoing kids-nature-art-project. We are busy creating new premises and strategies for how to enable even more kids to help each other re-discover their inner capacities. While finding their own happiness along the way. We share a 300 year vision in mind, together with the kids, where kindness and happiness rules big time...

2018-2023 | 100% Sun Wind Water – sailing for change and Clean Seas

Five years sailing for the climate – raising awareness about the need for sustainable lifestyles on water and land by switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources, cleaning the oceans from plastic debris, and developing zero waste and toxic-free lifestyle alternatives while promoting gender equality and diversity. Sailing 7.660 nautical miles with 45 young crew members from five continents to experience and showcase values entailed in the Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Website.

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