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Start: 2013

Case story: Anina is a Norwegian pop singer and songwriter (Anine Stang). We were supporting Anina with branding and co-management and supporting her presence and performance at the Norwegian Euro Song Contest in Hamar, Norway 2013. Image above from our branding presentation (Photo Jeanett Haslien) with a suggested logo (logo not approved). She was furthermore performing on stages and creating music together with friends in the Swedish rock band No Sleep For Lucy.

2020 – Testing new music business models

Anine has always been in the the forefront of online solutions. Apart from the streaming platforms we've learned to get used to, she is now on Corite – a new crowd-funding music platform where you can make money of a hit song by supporting the creation of it. A great new idea and concept for a business that has been in a turmoil since streaming threw the era of CDs out the back door...

Here two songs from Corite:

Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 21.09.25.png
Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 21.09.38.png

And here some vids from the time back in 2013...

Applauds – an acoustic salute to Lady Gaga

The Young – acoustic version

Anina performing with her song "The Young". Photo: NRK

The Young – Lyrics Video (a song pitched for the Youth Olympics 2014...)

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