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Arla Foods: Young Chefs

Start: 2002

Case story: Arla Foods wanted to develop an educational program and online platform for young chefs.


We engaged some of the most successful young chefs in the country and invited them to the best restaurant school in Stockholm for a reality check... in order to learn more about the demands of the young culinary enthusiasts. We also used the occasion for an epic photo shoot session...

We created a 112 page booklet packed with useful knowledge, insights, recipes and lots of laid back images from our reality check endeavour with the students.

The web and film project

We developed a full fledge web site structure and filmed several demo videos in order to manifest the strength of videos "served online" as an effective and pedagogical tool for education in the art of cooking. Each film was "featured by" a well known and young TV-chef, and they all functioned as trustworthy teachers as well as relaxed role models for the students.

The booklet, website and the videos were designed by youth for youth. It was built on trust, a laid back attitude and a sincere and simple ambition to generously share knowledge with no prestige whatsoever involved.


Chefs: Christian Hellberg, Magnus Lindström, Anna Löfgren, Karl Ljung, Anders Dahlbom.

Coordinator: Annica Karlsson

Photo: Magnus Skoglöf

Art: Christoffer Wessel

Copy: Magdalena Omne

Video: Matiné Film & Television

Initiative, concept and production management: B Bertoft

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