Arla Food: Breakfast in school


Year: 2001

Case story: Arla Food wanted to show that students perform better when eating breakfast at school rather than not at all, or too early back home. For the sake of the students...and (perhaps not to anyone's surprise) for the sake of the sales of healthy dairy products.


We created a series of tests in Swedish schools with a variety of activities connected to the breakfast introduction events.

We engaged a young, edgy (!), theatre group that wrote a series of plays and songs on the subjects of being a smarter student, a good classmate and what a bad idea it is to start the day with an empty belly. We performed in school restaurants in Sweden while serving breakfast.

We made music videos of the songs and recorded the performances on tape for distribution to all schools via Arla Food.

The buzz was spread through traditional media and the school's online portals... and via local media.


Sketches and music: Johan Sundberg (Ung Utan Pung)
Acting: Sofia Zouagay and Ami Wester (UngUtanPung)

Video: Matiné Film & Television

Producer: B Bertoft


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The local media loved to be invited.

Gotta know Swedish to get this one. The point was that breakfast is not just about vitamins and grades... it is in fact also a great moment for dating... so we created a sms-competition with the best dating messages – win movie tickets:-)

Don´t remember exactly how we found Ami and Sofia, but they were just amazingly fabulous on stage:-) Thank you both, I will always praise you for your limitless talent, guts and glory!

Stuff for the staff

Yes of course...the staff needed inspiration as well. So we created a newsletter and a book for them (those were the days before Instagram, Facebook and Twitter...).

The sweet ones working every day at school to look after the students...they also deserve all the attention they can get. If they're not happy, how can the students be happy?

We created a book for them with easy-to-fix-tips, ideas and recipes on how it easily could be managed at their school without having to re-invent the wheel or hiring extra staff etc.

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