1984-1989: Agera Advertising Agency


Founder/Owner: 1984-1989

Story: After som years freelancing for more or less all the advertising agencies in town, I ended up being employed at on of them – Kentab. The year after we established a new agency together – Agera. Marie was employed, Fredrik was employed and then Carl. Great years, great clients, great colleagues.

All jobs within ASEA – we published them first.

Västerås Waste management

My hometown's waste management company became a client for many years. Somehow my interest for the environment was born and the CEO Per Nilsson was really keen to let us have  a lot of fun while creating information material on how the company could provide the citizens with better service in order to help them manage their waste.

Skultuna – Brass manufacturer from 1607

Demands for quality and craftmanship have pioneered Skultuna Messingsbruk through centuries. Brass from Skultuna is hallmarked with the Royal Swedish Crown and the year 1607. Skultuna is a purveyor to H.M. the King of Sweden.

Skultuna was a client for several years and we produced their information material – design, photo, copy, printing etc.

A new top notch golf course

At Frösåker the family Rahl took the steps from farming to golf course management. The beautiful fields and forests of their land was carefully crafted into a top notch golf course which was quickly ranked to be one of the best in the country. We were invited to create the logo and the marketing material as well as being part of the opening ceremony production.

Swedish handicraft

The Swedish Handicraft Association consisted of a network of independent producers and shops. They did work under the expression "hemsljöjd" (handicraft). They wanted to convey a more updated image, leaning more towards "design" than only "craft". Approaching a younger audience. We created a new name, a branding concept, a logo and the conceptual design package for the first pilot shop in Sweden.

Virsbo Foundry

Being a 25 years old white collar advertising agency employee, meeting up with the hard working people at the foundry in Virsbo, was a reality check and an awakening. We prodeced their marketing material and chose to focus on the competence of the skilled people and their genuine craftmanship and experience.


You're looking at an independent business concept based on creative management within the field of communication. Enriched by highly motivated professionals from anywhere.

Our base camp is the Internet, the ambitions are global and focus is set on universal ideas that do good for humanity and for planet earth.


 We live to make global sense.

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