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BB Good


Start: 2014

Case story: I have lived my fair share of life in the developed world, collecting stuff and experiences. I am spending the rest of it scaling down to the needs of a nomad, in order to get more things done. The less-is-more lifestyle generates independence, space and time. It allows me to move around and work harder with people, businesses and projects that make global sense first of all, and money as a necessary number two – an order of priorities I believe will be the life line for most businesses very soon.


I simply want to make global sense.


Therefore I am establishing a foundation to finance changes for the better according to my mission. Read about the mission here. 


So, I am and will be asking for funds. The money will be transparently dedicated to the mission and I will make it possible to follow the path of every dollar, euro, krona or penny on the website (slowly being developed).


The foundation is not yet established/registered, but if you trust the thought and our intentions already now, please don't hesitate to get in touch or contribute already now:






Thank you/ BB

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