BB 100!


Welcome to my 100th birthday party!

Of course! Just by making the decision to become 100 years old rewarded me with the feeling that I have gained some 20-25 years extra in my life... instead of the 75-80 image that is suggested by mere habit or by society.

So suddenly I can picture 25 more baloonious years for laughter, parties, curiosity, flirting, sailing, skiing, thinking, learning, sharing, eating, drinking, simply having more fun....ihaaaaa:-)

You're invited and most welcome.
If you are around by then (2061) you are most welcome to join. In any shape or spirit.


Please invite family and friends as well. I will serve great food and chilled champagne. A live band and some other performing artists are already booked... and yes, they will all be 70-80+ by then:-).

Please save it.
I dare to say that you are not busy that day. So please, save it: May 8th, 2061. You can sign up on Facebook or drop a note here.


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Invites via Facebook.

Been talking about this 100 year party idea for some time and a young smart friend suggested to make it a I did:

My point is to challenge myself to stretch my mindset and to inspire you to stretch your's. I do believe in the power of unleashed mindsets and of picturing wild goals in life. I believe it can move mountains and I know it will create lots of great memories:-)

Celebrating life.

This party invitation is not so much about celebrating my age in 2061 as it is celebrating life right now. Enjoy yours and have fun!


See you:-)


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