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Non-Violence Project Foundation                                                                  2021-01-31– You transfer the domains back to me and I own the project.
Jan Hellman and Blaise Oberson





Dear Jan and Blaise,


Today I was out walking to feed my pale skin with some D-vitamins in the sun. This idea and proposal came to me on the shores of Riddarfjärden.


I miss NVP. I want to help raise money for the education. I want to get IOBFFP and Give Peace A face going and make it a success. I am willing to grab it and work for it – teaming up with you. I will take the risk and the time needed. We share the success if we get it done. My goal is to educate more young people with the world's best peace education program.


Here is a very simple set up:


With my heart and mind I still believe in the IOBFFP/Give Peace a Face idea. I see this as a looong term project. I want to nail that billion faces one day. I want to educate young people.


– I intend to manage it basically as it was designed from start.

– I suggest we do it "together" but I release you from, work, risks and financial responsibilities.

– I raise the money, I do all the work, I apply for money at various foundations or sponsors etc. I report to you about progress.


– You transfer the ownership of the project to me. I want to feel I own it as my baby.
– You give me global and exclusive rights to use it for one purpose: To raise money for the NVPF and its educational programs and to reach out to as many kids as possible (via NVPF of course).

– You transfer the domains (iobffp and givepeaceaface) back to me as the owner.

– I donate funds to NVPF per face registered – to be allocated for development of educational materials and outreach programs in an suitable manner.

– You give me the right to promote the NVP educational materials so people's perception is that it is a co-create project.

– You agree that NVPF is an official co-create partner in applications and pitches (no risks or financial responsibilities) so that it is obvious and transparent that we do this as a "team effort".
– We agree about transparency, I am not doing this as a fake NVP project to enrich myself. I want to build values on a long term basis and create a money maker for youth peace education.

– We agree that the the NVP Ambassadors you recruit gets a Face Number according to a system similar to the one we initiated back when we started.


I am sure I have missed some thoughts, but I hope you get the idea. I sincerely feel strong for this and want to protect it with my patience and determination. I have no second agenda, Im have no sneaky partners behind. Or dim plans to sell it out. I have one goal: Use "my idea and baby" and make it happen while creating funds in order to educate you. I also have a dream since we started – to make NVPF a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. You deserve it.  I am absolut serious. 


I have just had it in my own mind for a few hours and just follow my intuition.



It is no rush to get there, I just want to secure the rights to do it and then take it step by step without disturbing you or having to suck money out of the NVPF. I may never get there but noone else have more drive or sense of "revenge-energy" to make it happen than me.


If you like the idea:
1. Let's zoom-talk.

2. Lets write a straight forward letter of Intent.
3. Then take it from there.



Looking forward to hear back from you.




Bjorn Bertoft


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