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Client: 2003-2013

Case story: Back in 2003 the branding issue was to create a name and phenomenon carrying a new entertainment concept – with the game of boule as the main ingredient, combined with a bar and restaurant. We established the name Boulebar and a logo was designed:

The name is still Boulebar and the concept has grown into a multi million business in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe. The concept has proven to be successful enough to expand into an outreach plan with Boulebars in Scandinavia and Europe.

Looking back

The classical copy-campaign in the Stockholm Subway. During the years 2007-2013 a unique dialog model was developed with the audience in the Stockholm subway via regularly posted signs with copy-based messages in Swedish – here represented by the first "almost-English" one...

A new step

In 2013 Boulebar was completely re-designed and updated with a new well tuned french concept (developed by Stylt-Trampoli).

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