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Cafe Au Lait

Start: 1989

Case story: The Swedish dairy industri had experienced a decrease in milk consumption for years. They expressed a wish to increase milk consumption in the younger generation.


By introducing a new way of drinking coffe in Sweden in 1985, milk consumption sky rocketed and restaurants and cafees were making extra profit on a new brand, despite that there was no actual product other than more milk...



Well, instead of charging 12 SEK for a regular cup of coffee and 0% or maybe 2% cream, they could now charge 20-25 SEK for a cup with 40% coffee and 60% milk.

Spectacular launch

The launch in 1985 was unique and spectacular. The "world famous" luxury Café Gateau in central Stockholm invited Monsieur Lucien Desmet, the most distinguished waiter from Brasserie Lipp in Paris, to serve Sweden's first real Cafe Au Lait in front of distinguished guests and media. And they loved it.

The cup was the media

Almost no traditional media was used to market the brand. The specially designed cups with the brand printed on them were already purchased by the coffe shops and restaurants and placed "everywhere" where there was coffee sold in Sweden.

The cup was an obvious  success for the outreach and awareness of the brand. A total of 300.000 cups were sold to coffee shops and restaurants in Sweden during the first five years.

Awarded "World's best Dairy Campaign"

In 1992 the Cafe Au Lait campaign was awarded the World's Best Dairy Campaign by the International Dairy Federation. This was the second time "we" were awarded that distinguished recognition and award. The reason was most likely our agency's 360-integration campaigns – new way of building brands and marketing campaigns – long before the concept of 360 marketing was acknowledged by our own industry or the media.


I was introduced to the Cafe Au Lait account in 1989. Four years after it was initially introduced to the market and three years before it was recognized and awarded worldwide. I was a lucky guy to be where I happened to be and I sure got to learn a lot.


During 1989-1992 the Swedish dairy industry continued to invest in the building of the brand and it was introduced to an international market with great progress.

Paintings by French artist Jean Philippe Delhomme was made as posters for the coffee shops and restaurants.

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