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Coca Cola

Start: 2000


Case story: Bet you didn't know that the guy who designed the original Coca Cola bottle was Swedish? Well, he was.

The assignment for Coca Cola was not a very big one, but indeed very honorable at the time. Coca Cola Sweden was a client for a while and basically we produced story telling material about the original design and the bottle.

Coca Cola is an interesting brand story that dates back to the beginning of 1900...

The original bottle was designed by Swedish designer Alexander Samuelsson and patented in his name in 1915. Above is a page with the story about the bottle and the importance of design as a competitive instrument. In Swedish unfortunately.


In 2015, it was 100 years since Swedish-born Alexander Samuelsson was involved in designing the curvy Coca-Cola bottle. Alexander had worked at the Surte glassworks north of Gothenburg before emigrating to the United States in 1883. He was involved in designing the Coca-Cola bottle at a glassworks in Terre Haute, Illinois, in 1915. The bottle - shaped with a cocoa bean as a model - became one of the world's most famous product packaging. What was considered smart with the bottle was that it was easy to grip, had its own appearance and that the glass did not shatter when the bottle was dropped. The bottle was initially available in a blue, a green and a crystal clear variant. 

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