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Great Leaders

Start: 2014

Case story: Great Leaders is a leadership development agency devoted to the task of making sure more people get to experience the energies and potential carried out by great leadership. Their work is based on scientific findings and methods by some of the world's foremost researchers within the field.


Brand assignment

Defining the essence of the brand, based on the company's current story and background, balanced with a new bold company vision and the ambition to grow and expand on an international market.

A great name and design was already in place. The assignment is about nailing the structure of the offer and develop the business and brand in order to align tighter to the noble purpose: Making more people experience great leadership.

Offer to market

Defining the offer to market and restructure the content and the packaging. Developing the new "Fast Forward Formula" and the way it is described from an outside-in perspective.

Learning process

Developing the process for learning, using classical face-to-face training in combination with new media and online learning platforms.

Motivation and passion

Exploring new ground breaking findings in the field of motivation and developing a new model for how it can be managed with and by clients. The work is being developed in a project together with researchers and partners.

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