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HOPE – Water For The World

Start: 1993

Story: Lars Börje Carlsson, at Carlsson & Broman DDB Needham, invited me to team up in an ambitious water project in collaboration with The Stockholm Water Foundation. It was an independent cooperation project with DDB Needham and its CEO Keith Reinhard.

It was an inspiring issue, and again... another integrated branding concept created and developed by Lars Börje Carlsson. Unfortunately the project took another direction after Lars Börje left us.

Translation Headline:

DDB Needham taking action for the world's water.


Advertising agency is making the Water Prize famous.

Bold vision set for a new "Nobel Prize".

Carlsson & Broman is part of a network of 107 agencies in more than 50 countries. Some years ago several managers in the network sat down and asked themselves  what global issue they could engage the network in. They chose water.
Bjorn Bertoft, Account Manager at the Stockholm Agency is not hiding the fact that the effort is about goodwill and about to be exposed in the right environment. "The advertising business has perhaps a reputation about being quite free from scruples, and we're not trying to wash away that image, we simply want to do something good and something we believe in, without charging for it".

The Stockholm Water Foundation turned later into Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and the Stockholm Water Prize has developed successfully.

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