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The Gary Bigham Archive

Start: 2021

Case story: 

If you skied back in the 70s, 80s and 90s and passed by Chamonix you would possibly bump into the guy with the 16 mm camera above. Maybe you went to see his afterski slideshow? He is Gary Bigham – a true ski bum, filmer, photographer, entertainer, musician, chef, host and a single dad for years. I happened to bump into his domains in 2009 and had the weekend of my life on skis...yada yada yada and in the fall of 2021 his daughter Guri, her best Chamonix buddy Leyla and I busted out of a bunch ski bags from his attic and under some beds to start digitizing his epic collection of slides and 16 mm film from back in the day.

One Kickstarter campaign later we hade the funds needed to get his best filmes digitized and to retouch some 50 slides out of the 2000 best winter ones scanned... The rest and the summer ones will have to wait.


Enjoy the memory slopes...

Along the season 2022-2023, we got a great deal up for display:

  • A collection of signed and numbered Art Photos, portraying legendary Chamonix skiers at the bar Le Petit Social

  • A memorable surprise-vernissage of the prints in Gary's sauna

  • A website

  • A webshop with the Art Prints and digital wallpapers ready for sale

  • The four best films digitized, cleaned, sound remastered and published for online streaming 

  • Films screened on a film festival in Sun Valley Usa

  • An article created by Leyla and published by Patagonia

  • ...and a gallery of faces from those days we'd like you to help us recognize.

Check out all of it, and more, on the archive website.

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