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Start: 2013

Case story: Youth unemployment is an more than obvious issue. Too many of us sits there doing nothing, while waiting for politicians to fix the problem.


Some do magnificant things by giving young people their first job, or one of their first jobs, based on the belief that hiring young people is a good thing. They believe that such a generous act will inject new young energy into their organization, that it will be a great test of a potential long term employee or simply that it might benefit us all in the "bigger picture".


Now there is an opportunity for them and for you to expose such goodwill, to share the experience and to learn from others.


The company TD Rail & Industry genreously employed Oskar over the summer – a win-win unveiled at the company's 20 year celebration ceremony in 2013.

A great start in life...

Just do it...everybody have to start somewhere. This is to show that we are alive. If you want to join us, it would be extremely valuable. We will for sure promote you as a good employer.


Why do we do what we do? We simply want to help reduce youth unemployment. We inspire companies to offer young girls and boys their first real job. We help them promote their generous act and we help the youngployees to spread "the buzz" about their new job and their employer.


TD Rail & Industry initiated this movement by making Oskar Mikaelsson 23, the World’s First Youngployee. Who is number 2 and who will be number one million?


The Youngployee Counter

0.000.001: Oskar Mikaelsson

0.000.002: ?


Every youngployee and employer share the unique number in the global youngployee counter. They will promote each other online via our social media networks as well as their's , and share the experiences and inspiration for others.


More info: Get in touch

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