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S/Y Hrimfare – Sailing For Science

Start: 2021

Story: Skipper Martin Hassellöv, Professor in Marine Biology and Oceanic Science at the University of Gothenburg has been the "Scientific Advisor" for our climate statement sailing project 100% Sun Wind Water since 2018. Over these years we have developed ideas on how we could participate in and develop so called "citizen science project" on a greater scale.

Martin is also a sailor. And the owner of the 67 foot sailing yacht Hrimfare af Ranrike. Built for the British Steel Challenge race 1992/1993, which were sailed with teams of trained amateur crew with experienced skippers around the world “the wrong way” against prevailing winds and currents in the Southern Ocean. For this purpose it was called for an exceptionally robust and strong design and construction in steel and stainless steel with seaworthiness, ability to sail against the wind, safety for crew and boat as primary criteria.


Hrimfare has fulfilled four circumnavigations and is now being equipped for new adventures and scientific expeditions for the sake of our oceans health as the primary mission.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I have always been interested in teaming up with Martin and his team for new scientific sailing endeavours with and on Hrimfare. 


Citizen science and communication...

Now seems to be the time to start. Several ideas have been unfolding where our paths do cross each other's. Citizen science has been a corner stone along our voyages in the 100% Sun Wind Water project 2018, 2019 and 2020.  We have been trawling for micro plastics, collecting data and testing electric propulsion and hydro generation, solar power gadgets, toxic free coating, zero waste lifestyle and fossil fuel free cooking alternatives. Our 100%SWW experiences and values are well aligned with those of Hrimfare Expeditions and Sailing4Science 

and teaming up to serve the oceans feels like the right thing to do.

Apart from sailing and collecting marine data, I will of course stick my fingers into communication and media assignments for these projects, with the ambition to help them reach out and in to more people from everywhere. People who would be interested in helping out as citizen scientists: Sailors and non-sailors, scientists and non-scientists, with or without a boat, young and old. If you are one of them – sign up for more info on

Young students and researchers 

The projects unfolding are managed by University of Gothenburg and University of Trondheim in Norway and they offer inspiring opportunities for young students and researchers to experience and participate in important scientific studies about the ocean and marine ecology systems in all shapes and forms. Comprehensive applications for scientific projects within the EU and the United Nation's Ocean Decade Programmes 2021-2030 are underway...


67 foot and  38 tonnes of steel, sails, laboratories and curious sailors.


On calmer waters, deep water samples are being collected...


...and analyzed it in the lab onboard, and the data sent to scientists back home.

More stories to come.

Check out each project's current websites:

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