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I am pure for sure.

Pure For Sure – academy and movement

Start: 2016-2018

Case story: Young people using doping substances and supplements in an effort to buy in on a quick fix to feel better, look better and gain self-esteem has grown to be a serious public health issue. Many of them do not use these substances for athletic ambitions, gold medals or fame from the world of sports. Instead they may use them under pressure from the perfect body ideals, conveyed in the society and in all forms and media today. Or with the belief that they will be more likeable amongst their peers thanks to some promising super substances.

Pure For Sure is a brand, academy and movement managed by the Professur Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation. Read More.


A brand name was "invented", the necessary domains secured, a logo designed, the trademark registered and a complete design manual produced. A ring on the fingerprint where blood samples are withdrawn – symbolizing a window into your body fingerprint. What does your body fingerprint look like inside? 

Pure or doped?

Doping – gambling with fatal side effects

Doping is a chemical shortcut turning a body into something else than what it was from start. Athletes with high athletic ambitions and dreams of gold medals are the ones we usually connect with doping. But did you know that 12 year old’s with dreams far away from winning medals are using doping substances for breakfast before going to school? 

Doping kill some people, some are left with physical disabilities or mental disorders and the lucky ones may get away with skin rashes. 

Unintentional doping – be careful

Yes, even "innocent" supplement products may contain doping substances, without mentioning it on the label. Studies has shown that 15-25% of food supplement products sold to consumers contain doping substances. That means you may swallow illegal and dangerous substances without knowing about it. The market for supplements is poorly controlled and the market is swamped with products promising fabulous results. Even supplements that doesn't contain any doping substances may be fatal. Supplements are meant to be used if a body is diagnosed with the lack of something – like a low level of iron or lack of certain vitamins.

Adding extra supplements substances into your body may not work at all or lead to illness or other unpleasant side effects. And the human body is a magic "bio-machine" anyway – it will use the nutritions, fibers, minerals, vitamins etc that it needs. If there is a lack of something it will be happy to be compensated for that. If it already is satisfied, the excess substances will be rinsed out and end up into the toilet. The body can not, and will not, use it or benefit from it. Our belief in super products and super bodies has led to the paradox that we nowadays produce very expensive urine...

A few introduction videos was produced in collaborations with partners.

Pure For Sure Academy

Pure For Sure is a movement and educational program for those searching for insights, myths and facts about doping substances, food supplements and the habits, risks and consequences connected to them.


A pilot for an education program with 10 sessions for young students were produced for Swedish and English speaking target groups in schools and sport clubs. We produced Student booklets, Teacher's Manuals and a pilot series of videos for mobile phones and social medias in order to inspire viewers to dig in for more info in the educational material in each session.


We tested several mobil app educational platforms – in order to be present were the young people are present.

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