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Photo: Joakim Hovrevik

Ripple of Hope Elementary School, Jinja, Uganda

Start: 2018

Case story: We believe that basic education is one of the most important stepping stones on a path towards a sustainable life on this planet. Unfortunately education is not a given for all everywhere. Free quality education for all is however Goal No 4 in United Nation's  Agenda 2030 – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


We have only 7 more years to go in order to reach that goal and we can't just sit on our butts expecting that someone else will fix it for us. Meaning us the humans on planet Earth. 


Stop talking, start walking

Kids all over the world are growing up with slim chances to enter a classroom. Many are offered old-school curriculums based on norms from the 1920s rather than the 2020s. These are reasons why it makes a lot of global sense to put time and money into developing more school opportunities. In new formats and with new perspectives on learning. Giving kids an opportunity to find out what they want and like, nursing their own strengths and curiosity at the time when they are ready. Supporting them to create their own dreams.

So, what can we do? I do? You do?  We can roll up our sleeves and help out where help is welcomed. Like in Jinja in Uganda. Eddy and Eva Balina is a young couple dedicated to making a change for the better in their community. With their four empty hands, they started an idea about a school in 2016. In 2018 they opened up classrooms for some 100 kids of different ages coming from disadvantaged families in challenged areas around their corner.


Fortunate kids and teachers having a hopeful day to look forward to in the morning. Because knowledge is power. Power to grow and power to plan for a better life. There are few global win-wins around being stronger than making education available for more kids. Photo: Joakim Hovrevik

A sign of positive change for kids. School is not only about math and grammar – maybe spreading hope and building up self-esteem is the most important assignment for all schools around the world. New ways of learning life skills are in the making at Ripple of Hope Elementary...

Taking new steps, making it happen...

In 2019 their school was packed full with eager students. Other kids were standing outside looking over the fences and into the windows wanting to be part of the vibe, the hope, the happiness and the education. It was not that the left out kid's families couldn't sign up because of any fees or other bureaucratic hinders. The school fee is very low and/or supported for children in disadvantaged families in the area, but all classes were already packed full. 


Eddy and Eva is making good things happening in Jinja. Their first son Maxwell , (sleeping on Eva's arm) is still too young for school, but he will soo be ready.

So, now the need for more school seats were top of mind in the Balina family and team. Funds were settled for a new property and a new school building were built in 2021-2022. We are now helping out and helping out to enable more teachers and more kids to attend and share the ripples of hope... 

Here's a short note from Eddy from 2021:

We would love to see you as a part of this project and you are of course invited. We hope for any moral support...and possibly also financial contributions. We will keep on posting on how things move forward. Sign up below if you want first hand info on the progress. Thank you.

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