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The Beach Party Agenda

Start: 2015

Case story: In 2015, when the Agenda 2030 was signed by 196 Heads of State I decided to help the United Nations by making their new 17 Sustainable Development Goals reach out and into young peoples minds and hearts.

A sun, wind and water salute

I started by reading the Agenda 2030, the 17 goals, the 169 sub-goals, the more than 11.000 words and the 100.000+ characters. I believe I was one of very few outside the UN who did read them. 


I was flabbergasted by the bold dream painted in those goals. But I thought that nobody would read it. How are the United Nation going to get people to understand how valuable this document is?

So, I started re-writing the 17 goals into short tweets instead of the massive and long original  document. Then we arranget beach parties as a platform for knowledge sharing – lika an out-door, chill version of TedTalk. With short speeches while saluting the eternal energy sources we love – sun, wind and water.


We went on tour around the world, our message is still alive and will continue to be so until 2030. IRL and online in various formats.


See the website from 2016 here.

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