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Making global sense.

Welcome to my website. Consider it an archive with lessons learned from a wide range of assignments in life. All of them developed together with highly motivated people from various corners of the world.

SUMMER 2024:
I walked Stockholm Marathon 2023 and collected 10.000 SEK so more kids can go to school in Jinja, Uganda. Now planning for a new Marathon – chip in for more kids.Thank you! 


I made up my mind twelve years ago: I shall only work with global ideas, projects and clients carrying a built in dedication to do good for humanity and planet Earth. Trying hard to make them successful, is my sincere contribution to a better life for all.

Working in an evolving network with passionate professionals. Our base camp is the Internet and we operate in the field of creative communication, education and branding. And sailing.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.
I can absolutely do more. You can too. Now is the time to start.


Bjorn Bertoft

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