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Sailing 4 Science

Start: 2021

Story: The Sailing4Science idea and project was initiated by Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden




Sailing4Science's objective is to increase data and knowledge gathering, and achieve healthy and clean ocean awareness by empowering students and young scientists while offering them opportunities to participate in high end expeditions in marine eco environments, along with the development of scientific programmes where the general public is invited to team up and help out with similar data collection and monitoring in their surroundings – so called Citizen Science.


Water from a satellite's view. Here the vast ocean on an image by Google, with its focus point at the center of the Pacific Ocean.

Citizen science and communication...

Citizen science has been a corner stone along our voyages in the 100% Sun Wind Water project 2018, 2019 and 2020.  We have been trawling for micro plastics, collecting data and testing electric propulsion and hydro generation, solar power gadgets, toxic free coating, zero waste lifestyle and fossil fuel free cooking alternatives. Our 100%SWW experiences and values are well aligned with those of Sailing4Science and we are now initiating ideas and plans for projects to come.


Apart from sailing and collecting marine data along our 100% SWW-voyages I hope for opportunities to participate onboard other Sailing4Science projects elsewhere. I will also engage in communication and media assignments for the S4S projects and programmes.The ambition is to be helpful when reaching out and in to the general public, interested in helping out as citizen scientists in their local surroundings: Sailors and non-sailors, scientists and non-scientists, with or without a boat, young and old. If you are one of them – sign up for more info on


Water from a bird's view. A rare delta of streams from Skaftarhreppur on Island.

Young students and researchers 

Sailing4Science offer inspiring opportunities for young students and researchers to experience and participate in important scientific studies about the ocean and marine ecology systems in all shapes and forms. Comprehensive applications for scientific projects within the EU and the United Nation's Ocean Decade Programmes 2021-2030 are underway...


Making research opportunities for students and citizens...


Offering opportunities to experience the oceans live...


The project's flag ship "Hrimfare" – a 67ft steel yacht equipped with advanced laboratory equipment will enable expeditions to scientific destinations further away from home and on larger bodies of water...

More about the Hrimfare Expeditions

More stories to come.

Check out each project's current websites:

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